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About Us

A combination of culture, love, and a desire for excellence in all I do!

since 2022

Growing up in a Puerto Rican family, where dinner at "abuelas" house was an event and just the thought brings back years of memories around the dinner table. No memory is stronger than that of the joy on my abuelas face as her food brought people, family together! As a Veteran, I learned a level of excellence that I strive for in my kitchens today. My wife Karla and I are so grateful to have received so many of the lords blessings and cannot wait to cook for you.

La Parrilla is what 10+ years working in kitchens and dreaming of bringing amazing food, coupled with an unparalleled customer experience For so many years I worked at High-End Restaurants and wondered why such an experience and quality is reserved for such a few select individuals. I sincerely want to thank everybody that supports me and also those who will give me the opportunity going forward to give them a taste of Puerto Rico, a taste of the tropics, fused with American BBQ.

I sincerely thank you all, "Buen Provecho"

- Jose A. Flores


It's Personal


We will work with you to

create a menu that fits your
taste, budget and style

Signature Style


Unique flavors combining the best of Texas, with Tropical bright flavors

Our Commitment


Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food

that is exceptional in taste.

Redefining Food & Event Production

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